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Friars’ Van

In 2008, the Capuchin Friars of Leichhardt saw a need for engaging those who receive food services in the streets of Sydney, on a deeper level. The friars at Leichhardt, including the 6 student friars in formation, decided to purchase a van that would be able to cater for handing out hot cups of coffee and tea. Those who have received their meal from various services, are able to come to the “Friars’ Van” for a hot drink and a chat.

Even now, you may spot the friars with their volunteers every Friday and Saturday night, by the Friars’ Van in the midst of the City of Sydney, serving hot drinks and chocolates, while having a friendly chat over a cup. One quiet man, after receiving coffee from the friars, remarked “you friars are the only people I get to talk to in my whole week.”

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